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Michael Thomas has had difficulty applying his great knowledge of history, literature and art. But in his poetry, he is free to express his understandings in unbridled creative and playful ways. This, his most recent book of poetry is likely his most creative and playful, as he becomes more versed and practiced every day. Michael is blessed with an extensive vocabulary and the understanding of how to blend words to create effects which are more than the sum of the phrases, like a jazz master plays a saxophone solo. You cannot put what you heard into words, you only know that it left you awed and satisfied when it was over. Such is the sublime nature of high art in all of its varied forms. In Michael Thomas Poetry 6, we have a collection that in totality reaches that sublimity a multitude of times, leaving the reader many memorable experiences.

We all have our take on what is divine and what makes things divine. As we get older we tend to spend more time contemplating the divine.  When the author, Michael Thomas, first saw a picture of this fresco, he was stricken with feelings of identification. For him, this picture was a wonderful representation of the divine, so he has chosen to share it with his readers as a personal expression of divinity. In his fifth volume of poetry, Michael Thomas becomes more philosophical and  begins to plum the depths of humanity, looking for the go0odness that he can attach himself to . As readers, we have the chance to attach ourselves to divinity through his words.   

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In the 1470’s, Luca Pacioli invented the double-entry bookkeeping system still in use today. I say, “Shows you how quickly we advance!” But I am proved wrong by this book, a book which not only discusses the basic precepts of accounting, it discuss-es the temptations and mistakes that plague business owners everywhere. Both a book on Basic Accounting and a morality play, Michael Thomas has rewritten the place of accounting to include personal accounting for actions as well. It is a breath of fresh air to a field that has remained mostly static since the 1470’s.

There are writers and there are writers, there are poets and then there are poets, and then there’s Michael Thomas. Here is a man who is a Vietnam Veteran, has lived in a commune, has slept in doorways, and is a very respected C. P. A. How does this all happen to the same man? Fate, chance, whatever the reason, what matters is it did happen. In his first book of poetry, Michael takes us on the rich and varied journey which is his life, complete with all of the philosophical questions, and sometimes even answers. Yet, at the heart of it all is a kindness and a gratitude towards life that is refreshing and nourishing. If you like poetry, or even if you just like to experience the world through the eyes of someone who truly loves life, you will love Michael Thomas Poetry.
Almost 5,000 years ago Enheduanna took time to write 42 hymns and a poem called Min-Me-Sar-Ra or The Exhaultation of Inanna. She is considered the first woman author in recorded history. Forward fast a few thousand years and we are priveledged to have the more sophisticated pennings of Michael Thomas, and you do not have to carry huge volumes of stone tablets to read it. Yet, Michael pays homage to the greatness of those who blazed the trail upon which the rest of us travel. He pulls it all into an amalgamous knowledge of expressive language. Come and see what poetry has evolved to over 5,000 years.   

Long gone are the days of fine gentlemen in lace collars, penning in the King’s English, stories of bravery and altruism. In the modern era we are barraged with schlock and ponderous formulaic writings designed more to create sales than to expouse ideals. Fortunately, not everyone with ideals and a sense of honor is long dead. Michael Thomas is a throwback to a different time in that he writes romantically about everything. He is living proof that there is a place in this day and age for literary heroism, goodness, agape, history and honor. In this volume of poetry, Michael is a bit more introspective and explores what makes a man “good” and why a good man should be kind to everyone, even bad people. It is a refreshing break from people who are “All about ME and my writing.”

Not since Sydney Carton has literature created such an enigmatic character as the Rabbi. A true dissident in attitude and behavior and yet a faithful spiritualist at heart, the Rabbi tumbles headlong through life in a state of irritated bliss and cockeyed understanding. I am reminded of Jesus saying: “We must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven.” Rabbi has mastered this. He sees the world as a simple creation where we are expected only to be grateful and kind. He has no time or inclination to obsess over the trivial pursuits of men. Treat yourself to his enlightening and hilarious exploits as he twists and turns his way to a place where he knows nothing and everything, serves no one and everyone, through sheer goodness discovers the secrets of magic in this life. A cross between Siddhartha and Walter Mitty, no matter what strange situation the Rabbi finds himself in, it entertains and enlightens.
An heir to the English Throne, a former Queen of France, beauty, wealth, breeding … it has all the makings of a love story, and Michael Thomas does not disappoint! Step into the past and enjoy a true story told with a grateful heart. See how love blossoms, suffers, and yet endures for all of eternity. Written in the modern style, this story of prose and poetry is reminiscent of the great works of art from the past, complete with life lessons and questions unanswered. It is a refreshing work of art that not only connects us to our past, it sternly reminds us to appreciate our present.
There are many thoughts in life for which language seems entirely inadequate. How do we speak in ways that match the depth of the dynamics in our hearts and souls? It is impossible. Yet, poets seem to be the most adept at approximating that ability and some poets do it better than others. Michael Thomas is a Philosopher, an Artist, a Historian, a Spiritual seeker, and a Poet not necessarily in that order. The result is a tapestry of words which touch the soul, enlighten the mind and embolden the heart to beat humanly, unapologetically, in defiance of all conformity or judgmentalism. These poems are not just words, but living songs of freedom: freedom from the tyranny of culture, politics, religion, fear, and the self-imposed in-carceration of the spirit by conceit, pride, selfishness and cultivated fantasy. Open a third eye and read the nourishing works of Michael Thomas Poetry 2.