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As an accountant, Michael Thomas has had difficulty applying his great knowledge of history, literature and art. But in his poetry, he is free to express his understandings in unbridled creative and playful ways. This, his most recent book of poetry is likely his most creative and playful, as he becomes more versed and practiced every day.

Michael is blessed with an extensive vocabulary and the understanding of how to blend words to create effects which are more than the sum of the phrases, like a jazz master plays a saxophone solo.

You cannot put what you heard into words, you only know that it left you awed and satisfied when it was over. Such is the sublime nature of high art in all of its varied forms. In Michael Thomas Poetry 6, we have a collection that in totality reaches that sublimity a multitude of times, leaving the reader many memorable experiences.

Mikhael, ‘Who is like God’. is the archangel who leads the army of God against the forces of evil.  Michael is the protector or healing angel.  It is funny that God has a protector.  In folklore the angel stands as a symbol between humanity and God.  Michael becomes an intermediary who is strong enough to sit at the poker table with God as an equal partner.

The power of prayer is strengthened by the sword of Michael.  Rabbi Schlotz lives by the code of chivalry.  His poems are laced with prayer and homage to a superior being.  Stepping outside of himself, he lets his words extend to silent spiritualism.  Words become the Rabbi's sword of strength.  
You can read and then close your eyes to feel the poetry come alive in your heart.  

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There are writers and there are writers, there are poets and then there are poets, and then there’s Michael Thomas. Here is a man who is a Vietnam Veteran, has lived in a commune, has slept in doorways, and is a very respected C. P. A. How does this all happen to the same man? Fate, chance, whatever the reason, what matters is it did happen. 

Living is a battle. To be alive is a struggle, a struggle between good and evil. We must be armed and prepared at all times for the perennial onslaught of evil we will face.And yet, life is gentle and wondrous, full of grace and fulfillment. What better way to call this paradox to light than with this cover picture, a beautiful Angel in full battle Living is a battle. To be alive is a struggle, a struggle between good and evil. We must be armed and prepared at all times for the perennial onslaught of evil we will face.And yet, life is gentle and wondrous, full of grace and fulfillment. What better way to call this paradox to light than with this cover picture, a beautiful Angel in full battle gear.In Michael Thomas Poetry 11, current, relevant living is broken down, by a mind that questions, into little workable pieces. None of us can take on life as a whole, we all must break it down into smaller manageable pieces.Celebrate the dichotomy of life in this collection of poetic essays on the pains and pleasures this dichotomy has to offer. Sometimes it is good to look out a different window than your own every now and then, to see how the world looks from another vantage point. With any luck, you return to your own refreshed.

We all have our take on what is divine and what makes things divine. As we get older we tend to spend more time contemplating the divine.

When the author, Michael Thomas, first saw a picture of this fresco, he was stricken with feelings of identification. For him, this picture was a wonderful representation of the divine, so he has chosen to share it with his readers as a personal expression of divinity.

In his fifth volume of poetry, Michael Thomas becomes more philosophical and begins to plum the depths of humanity, looking for the gooodness that he can attach himself to . As readers, we have the chance to attach ourselves to divinity through his words.

The paintings in Lascaux cave in France give us an eerie feeling because we realize just how much we have in common with people from seventeen-thousand years ago. In terms of evolutionary time, that’s a drop in the bucket. And yet, even though we are so similar, we live astronomically diverse lifestyles from our ancestors.

Michael Thomas explores the nature of humanity with wit, vision, wisdom and an amazing level of history in his poetry. He senses the dichotomy of the old and new, creating within us a turmoil that is well documented. Take a moment to see the world through his eyes and enjoy the surreal nature of human existence.

Almost 5,000 years ago Enheduanna took time to write 42 hymns and a poem called Min-Me-Sar-Ra or The Exultation of Inanna. She is considered the first woman author in recorded history.

Forward fast a few thousand years and we are privileged to have the more sophisticated pennings of Michael Thomas, and you do not have to carry huge volumes of stone tablets to read it.

Yet, Michael pays homage to the greatness of those who blazed the trail upon which the rest of us travel. He pulls it all into an amalgamous knowledge of expressive language. Come and see what poetry has evolved to over 5,000 years.

Long gone are the days of fine gentlemen in lace collars, penning in the King’s English, stories of bravery and altruism. In the modern era we are barraged with schlock and ponderous formulaic writings designed more to create sales than to expouse ideals. Fortunately, not everyone with ideals and a sense of honor is long dead.

Michael Thomas is a throwback to a different time in that he writes romantically about everything. He is living proof that there is a place in this day and age for literary heroism, goodness, agape, history and honor. In this volume of poetry, Michael is a bit more introspective and explores what makes a man “good” and why a good man should be kind to everyone, even bad people. It is a refreshing break from people who are “All about ME and my writing.”

To me, it is amazing that anyone could think of themselves being Jesus with sincerity, but to be able to paint that vision with such talent and spirit is mind boggling. That’s an accurate description of Michael Thomas’s poetry.

Not only are the images original and meaningful, the choice of words alone is a study in semantics. Everyone shares common experiences. With Michael Thomas’s poetry, he is keenly able to share uncommon experiences, complete with the uncommon emotions they created for him.

The poet often frames reality so that it fits his artistic view of the world. With Michael Thomas, he creates a fresh new reality and invites us to visit and stay as long as we like. Open the book, stay for tea. It will be an afternoon to remember.​

There are many thoughts in life for which language seems entirely inadequate. How do we speak in ways that match the depth of the dynamics in our hearts and souls? It is impossible. Yet, poets seem to be the most adept at approximating that ability and some poets do it better than others.

Michael Thomas is a Philosopher, an Artist, a Historian, a Spiritual seeker, and a Poet not necessarily in that order. The result is a tapestry of words which touch the soul, enlighten the mind and embolden the heart to beat humanly, unapologetically, in defiance of all conformity or judgmentalism.

These poems are not just words, but living songs of freedom: freedom from the tyranny of culture, politics, religion, fear, and the self-imposed in-carceration of the spirit by conceit, pride, selfishness and cultivated fantasy. Open a third eye and read the nourishing works of Michael Thomas Poetry 2.

Michael Thomas is no Jesus, but his words will resonate throughout time as a poignant and historical testament to who we are, who we were someday down the road. Not a religious testimony of who we could be.

As human beings, we have faults, foibles and failures.  We can either look at these as horrible things we are burdened with, or an inexorable part of being human. In these pages, Michael looks at us both ways and plays one against the other, trying to determine what the meaning of life really is.

Rich and varied, Michael Thomas’s poetry is like a veritable dessert cart. Try one, try them all, or try a few here and there a la carte.  You’ll be well satisfied each way.